Friday, 12 August 2011


I've just noticed that although I've been to Scotland three times in the last three years, there's not one photo of the place on this blog. I love Scotland and foremost among my favoured destinations is Plockton, which is no great distance from the Isle of Skye. It was the location for the filming of the Hamish Macbeth TV series. So here are a couple of views looking out over Loch Carron.

To get to Plockton by car from Inverness you have to go through Invergarry. There had been heavy rain that October so the river was dramatic.

And the view below was captured when we were travelling south to catch a small ferry over to the Isle of Skye. Someone had created mini cairns from the stones near the roadside.

Last year we holidayed in Dumfries, travelling as far west as Stranraer and the Rhinns of Galloway. There are few National Trust properties in Scotland but the one below was in Kirkcudbright - Broughton House, the home of controversial local artist Edward Hornel. I wasn't enamoured of his paintings, but the garden was lovely.

Below is Portpatrick Harbour, not far from Stranraer.

One of the great naval heroes of the United States was John Paul Jones, who was born in Kirkbean, in this cottage close to the Solway Firth. From his home you can see Whitehaven in Cumbria (England). During the Revolutionary War he led a naval raid on Whitehaven. His local knowledge must have come in very handy indeed!

Below is one of the rooms in his cottage.

And will we go back to Scotland in the autumn? I do hope so!