Monday, 16 July 2012

RNA Conference Penrith 2012 Part 5

I never went to University so the RNA Conference at the Newton Rigg Campus in Penrith these past few days, gave me an opportunity to experience the kind of student life I had missed. There were lessons of course, informative talks and workshops and publishing industry updates, but there is also that fascinating process of osmosis, and I’m not just talking about how my trousers soaked up the water from the floor of the shower when I was sitting on the loo. (I remembered to bring the kitchen sink but, sadly, not my bicycle clips.) No, I’m talking about education. I absorbed so much information from my fellow delegates that not only has my vocabulary expanded – I now know what a merkin is – but so has my knowledge across a whole range of academic disciplines: Ancient Mythology and Biology– I have a greater understanding of how a centaur might copulate. Animal Husbandry – the technique of squeezing the innards from a mealworm in order to breastfeed an orphan bat. Diet, Health, and Arithmetic – just how many caramel shortcakes equals half a stone. A memorable weekend indeed, and in wonderful company.

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