Saturday, 7 November 2009

Ightham Mote at Halloween

Visiting historic places is for me both a joy and a bane. I'm invariably inspired to start a new story right away. Then, of course, I have to deal with the voice in my head which nags at me to knuckle down and finish the one I'm working on.
But who could resist Ightham Mote at Halloween? Certainly not me, so on 31st October I drove into Kent for a mulled wine reception followed by a candlelit tour of this medieval moated manor house.
Visitors to Ightham Mote rarely get the opportunity to view the house at night so it was a real treat. And the weather was clement. The cloud abated allowing a full moon to shine through a hazy and atmospheric sky. If ever there was a night to turn a writer of contemporary romance into a writer of the supernatural, this was it.


  1. Terrific photo, Maggi. And welcome to TEB!

    Marie :)

  2. First off, huge congrats on your sale!

    Secondly, can I just say how bitterly jealous I am that this is where you spent Halloween? So very jealous. ;)

    The photo is amazing - are there more?

  3. Thank you both.

    Yes, Bronwyn, I took a few more pictures that evening, but this was the best. I couldn't believe just how good it was until I uploaded it to the computer. At the time, I didn't notice the mist coming up from the mote (or moat), but the camera caught it perfectly. Saying that, my camera is not top notch so the night shots of Ightham Mote with the lights blazing from the windows are a bit blurry, but I'll pick the best one and post it.