Monday, 12 July 2010

RNA Conference Greenwich

The venue for the Romantic Novelists' Association 50th Anniversary Conference could not have been better - the Royal Naval College at Greenwich. What a privilege to be able to spend three days in such a fabulous location, especially in almost unbelievably sunny weather. Just look at that blue sky!

The gala dinner was held on the Friday night in the Trafalgar Tavern, next door to Queen Anne Court. This is the sight which greeted latecomers as they approached along the path by the Thames - a host of romantic novelists perched precariously on the 'deck'!

Saturday night's meal was a barbecue in the courtyard. It was more informal and there were opportunities not just for people to circulate, but air! It had been steamily hot in the Trafalgar Tavern, and there had been talk of breaking into the nearby Fan Museum and borrowing their collection for the evening.

At the conference itself there was something for everybody. Lucy Inglis' talk about working women in 18th century London, and Steve Wade's on the best sources to use if you are researching crime, appealed to the historian in me. And after listening to Rosemary Laurey's entertaining description of the finned, fanged and furry things she writes about, that's me off to hunt down some paranormal romances to read.

Here's one last photo - of the old Naval College, taken on Saturday morning before the sun got into its scorching stride.


  1. Great photos - I have a print of an old schooner I bought on a visit to the Royal Naval College years ago. Nice memories...

  2. Hello JP
    It isn't just the Naval College at Greenwich that is so impressive, but the period buildings in the vicinity, not the least of which is the Hawksmoor church. I perhaps should have made more time for sightseeing (I usually do), but it was a bit too hot to be rushing about. The conference is held only once a year and I didn't want to miss anything.


  3. I would so love to go to that conference someday!
    Sigh . . .
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello again Genella,

    In the next week or so, there'll be more photos posted on the RNA website, along with write-ups by members of the seminars and talks they attended. I'm doing one myself. And there's an RNA blog.

    Next year's conference is to be held at Caerleon in Wales. Part of the town is built on the site of a major a Roman fort, and there's an amphitheatre on the ouskirts. The museum is excellent and displays many Roman finds. It's going to be a marvellous venue.


  5. It was a fabulous conference and so much fun! Funny you mention photos being posted by the RNA - Your one of the balcony is so brilliant I have just pinched for the RNA blog - hope you don't mind!!!


  6. I don't mind at all Liz. And you should see the cracking one I've got of you and Kate Johnson in the courtyard! In fact, you WILL see it - I'll email it to you now, along with another one of the crew standing on the burning deck...