Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Georgian Bath

The historic city of Bath is beautiful and if you can get there early in the morning, before the shops open, you can really get a feel for its Georgian past. Here are some of the photos from a week ago when I managed to do just that. The lovely building below is in Abbey Street, just off Abbey Green.

Below is the colonnade in Bath Street. The photo was taken outside the Cross Bath (rebuilt about 1789) and looking towards the entrance of the Georgian bath in Stall Street.

Below is curving Hot Bath Street. The Cross Bath is on the right.

And here is Stall Street, looking towards the colonnade which forms one side of the Abbey square.

Bath Abbey is facing you. On the right are the entrances to the Roman Baths and the Pump Room.

The viewpoint for this was in the Roman Baths. An arched window looks out over the Georgian Bath and up to the window of the Pump Room where the thermal drinking fountain is located.

My next post will feature the Roman Baths.

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